Soil Enhancement - The acidity of pine straw mulch is equivalent to that of rainwater, which encourages the growth of flowers, shrubs, trees, etc.

Nitrogen is released into the soil as the pine straw (needles) breaks down naturally.

Air and Moisture pass freely to & from the soil beneath the pine straw (needles) allowing the soil to breathe in its natural fashion.

Weed Suppression is achieved naturally as sunlight is effectively blocked from the soil underneath the needles, while still allowing air and moisture to pass freely.
Pine Straw can be installed by hand or by mulch blower and the cost is comparable to traditional wood mulch.

It greatly reduces the possibility of problematic mold/ fungus as a direct result of allowing moisture to move freely into and out of the ground that is covered by the pine straw (needles).

Pine Straw (needles) greatly reduces the erosion of soil, particularly on sloped areas that receive consistent rainfall or irrigation.

Pine Straw (needles) fall to the ground naturally, providing the perfect natural ground cover.

Pine Straw (needles) are Organic, Sustainable, and Renewable, naturally.

Our Pines Straw (needles) are fresh from Nature with no added chemicals or "fillers", unlike many types of wood mulch.

Our Pine Straw (needles) can be used to protect fall and spring-
planted flowers and shrubs from harsh winters.