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Pet-Friendly Houseplants
Welcome to our selection of pet friendly houseplants! We have a variety of plants that are not only beautiful, but also safe for your furry friends. From ferns to succulents, our houseplants are perfect for adding life to any home. They require minimal care and are sure to bring a smile to your pet's face. Browse our selection today and find the perfect pet friendly houseplant for your home. Below is a small list of pet-friendly houseplants as well as a video. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

.  african violets  .  birds nest fern  .  bromeliad  .  calatheas  . holiday cactus  .  fittonia  .  hoya  .   indoor palm  .   lipstick plant  .   maidenhair fern  .  maranta  .  orchid  .  peperomia  .  pilea  .  pitcher plant  .  polka dot plant  .  spider plant  .  staghorn fern  .  succulent  .  swedish ivy  .  venus fly trap  .

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