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Well, another life moment happened this week. My soon to be 16 year old son Cas got his first car. I had been looking for this car for about three months. The one we wanted had to be about eight or more years old with about 100,000 or more miles to fit in our budget. I don't know if you've tried to buy a used car lately, but it is insane! The prices are way high, like everything these days. And if I found anything I liked in my price range, it was either in New Orleans or Orlando. So after several weeks of looking and his birthday of August 24th fast approaching, I had to pull the trigger. And I did. Me and my parents drove down to Tampa, FL last Monday and got the car. It was a fun six hour drive. I got to spend some quality time with my parents, eat at a nice restaurant, and search for Ross Creations (but that is another story). I got back into town on Tuesday afternoon. My son didn't know that he was getting a car at all. My wife told him a friend was bringing something by and he needed to go get it from the front yard. Then I pulled up.

It was magic.....

Lots of "NO WAY, NO WAY!!!!!" My favorite part was when I went in for the hug and he just walked right past me to the driver's seat. See below.

It was definitely a memory made. Time goes fast. I still have a chance to drive him to school a few more times before he turns 16. I love that kid!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone Song of the week! Wow, this just got really really deep. I didn't see this coming. OK, I heard this song on the way back from Tampa. I was just going to tell you it was a cool sweet song I heard. Turns out it is really cool on a couple more levels than just being a good song. Turns out that this song is sung from the perspective of a flower, and it is awesome! So sweet and moving. And on top of that, Minnie Riperton (the singer) is the mother of one of my favorite Saturday Night Live stars, Maya Rudolph. Click here to listen to Les Fleurs by Minnie Riperton.

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