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It was Friday night, 1980-something and my parent's were going to dinner. That meant it was Flash Gordon night! What is Flash Gordon night you ask? Well, the Flash Gordon film from the 1980's was one of my childhood favorite movies. I loved the movie so much. I would watch it all the time on the old VCR.

The best part about the movie to me was the music! I just loved it! I just thought it was cool music. It wasn't until about 10 years ago that I even realized that the whole soundtrack was performed by the rock band Queen.

So back to Friday night back in 1980 something. When my parents would go out to dinner and leave me and my sister at home when we were 7 or 8, two teenage guys named Marty and Kevin from down the street would come babysit us. And that meant one thing . . . it was Flash Gordon Football Fight time! Basically, in the movie there is a scene where Flash Gordon, who in the movie is also the Quarterback for the New York Jets, plays a kind of game of football and beats up all the bad guys. It is set to a ROCKIN' song by Queen. If you want to watch it, click here. So as soon as my parents left the house, we would turn on the Flash Gordon soundtrack on the record player, go to the 5th song on side one, and party! We would try to recreate the football fight scene. One person, with the football would be Flash Gordon, and everybody else was the bad guy. Flash would run around the house with a football. If somebody touched you, you were out. You could throw the ball to someone else and they would become Flash. It was just pure fun and joy for me and my sister. I hope somewhere Marty & Kevin read this and know that this simple little act will never be forgotten.

I think it is the simple things we are all remembering during these crazy times. Getting back to being with family, being outside, and connecting with mother nature. So, come on out and see us. We hope the sights and smells of beautiful flowers and trees will remind and connect YOU of simpler times! Have a great day. Also, if you want to hear a great song, about simpler times, listen to this Willie Nelson Family song. (there is one bad word, but a great song)

Turn Off The News And Build a Garden

Happy Gardening,

Your Friends at Dothan Nurseries

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 05, 2021

Well of course we would play football to Flash Gordon! Thanks for the memory and great to hear from you again. I showed the football scene to my wife and she commented on the cheesiness of it. Of course! That was the point!


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