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Compost Tea

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

We all are looking for an organic, easy & super beneficial way to get higher quality vegetables, flowers & foliage. Well folks here it is!!

Compost Tea!!!!

Super simple! Take a couple good handfuls of any compost put it in a 5 gallon bucket & fill the bucket with water. Let it steep for a week, stirring every couple days. If it sits too long and begins to smell foul throw it away and start over. The day you’re ready to use it, don’t stir it as to keep the compost mud at the bottom then just pour off the top into another bucket to use around your yard & garden. Then refill your 5 gallon bucket with water to the existing compost mud to make another batch of tea. You can do this 3 times with the same compost, on the third time dump the mud an all on your plants they will love it! Of course there are super fancy ways to strain your tea, but who needs fancy, not us! We just need effective and this method is effective!!!!

How often & how do you apply it, you ask?!?

You can apply monthly, once a week, every other week. You can never apply too much tea. It can be used as a root drench, foliar spray or field spray! Always apply in the morning, moist and misty mornings are are excellent time to apply!

Watch your flowers burst with blooms, your your vegetable yield to climb as well as it improves the taste of your veggies!!!!

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