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October Newsletter

When I woke up this morning I did what most people do, I checked my phone.  I had this great text from my sister.

It's true isn't it?  You can't buy time.  You have less and less of it every day.  I do my best to remember that, but get in a hurry like everybody does.   Yesterday morning as I was pulling out of my driveway to take my kids to school, I saw this . . . 

That's my sweet wife Mindy and our two dogs saying goodbye to us.  She does this every morning.  She waves, the dog waves, she sings a song we can't even hear.  The boys roll their eyes a little, but I know they love it.  And I know they will remember well when they have kids of their own.  You see, Mindy is very aware of time.  A lot more than me.  She knows we don't have much longer to make a lasting difference in our kids' life, and she works on it every day.  Just last night she invited over my son Cas' small group from church.  They played games, had pizza, and also had a very "Wise" local football star talk to them about life.  He talked about how to avoid some of life's biggest pitfalls in the next few years of being a teenager.  

I say all this to remind you and myself to do good things today with the time you have.  We aren't promised tomorrow or even the rest of the day.  My wife Mindy understands this.  I hope you and I can too.

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

PS.......... Nobody ever believes me, but it's true.  Now is the time to plant!  You can plant a tree or shrub now and essentially forget about it until May.  No dragging out water hoses every day.  These plants love cool and cold weather.  Save yourself some sweat and plant a tree or some shrubs today!

Flower Bar Tomorrow

Well, the weather is finally cool and it is time to decorate indoors and out.  Tomorrow and Saturday we'll have fresh cut fall flowers for your Fall decorating. This month's selections are Fall Lilies, Ranunculus, and Anemones. Just got these flowers in.  They look great!

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