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OK, we are going to talk about Tortillas or Star Wars today. One of them makes me cry tears of joy, and that is Star Wars. So, we are going to talk about Tortillas, not the season finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi . If you are online much at all you may have heard of the Tortilla Slap Challenge. Basically, at least two people get a mouthful of water and take turns slapping each other across the face with a soft tortilla. Whoever spits out their water first loses the game. You should look it up, really funny. So, last week at church we did a version of this game for Father's Day. Me and another dad got up on stage with one of our kids. I brought my oldest son Cas on stage with me. The dad's were asked a question about "slang" words that kids use today. You know like . . . That is so CAP! Cap means a lie or untruth in today's world. If I got the question wrong, my son got to slap me with a tortilla. There were four questions and four opportunities to get slapped. Let's just say I got slapped less than five times but more than three . . . First, I will say. I thought it might sting a little, but it stung a lot! And after four times I had had enough. I'm glad there weren't any more questions. One of the questions I got was, "What does bussin' mean?". I had no idea, so I said that "bussin'" was how kids got to school. The definition of bussin' is actually when something is awesome or great. I got it wrong, and here is a picture of that first slap.

For those of you that want to see and hear me get slapped, just click here. Anyway, this heat is "slapping" me right now! Yep, it's hot, but we've got cooler weather and rain coming over the next week. Come on out and see us. Our greenhouse is cool, we've got all the ice cold water you need, and all the plants that love this hot weather. Come on by, we would love to see you!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

Song of the week!

This is kind of an odd one, if you consider the Beatles odd. I grew up on the Beatles, but I grew up on what my dad calls the Ed Sullilvan Beatles. I Want To Hold Your Hand type music. Well, this song popped up on my radio last week, and I can't stop listening. It's off of The White Album. Not sure what it means, but I love the sweet yet slightly creepy tone of it. (I know I can Google the meaning, but I don't want to) Can't stop listening. Click here to listen to Dear Prudence by The Beatles.


This week's tip . . . water. Water, water, water. You can't overwater your lawn, trees, shrubs, but especially your delicate annual and perennial flowers right now. It won't be this hot all summer. Do the work now of keeping all your plants super hydrated and they will thank you!


Trivia Night Next Week!

Come test your houseplant knowledge at our very first Trivia Night: Houseplant Edition! Bring some friends to form a team of 5 people or less OR if you would like to come alone, you can join a team & meet some fellow houseplant connoisseurs. Trivia Night will be held at The Pavilion at Dothan Nurseries on Thursday, June 30th from 5pm to 7pm. Snacks & wine (21+) will be provided. 1st & 2nd place teams will win a Dothan Nurseries gift card for each team member! Click here to buy Tickets!

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