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Plantasia, not Fantasia . . .

If you haven't learned by now that if you read my email you are going to get some random information about music and other stuff, you will have learned after this one . . . Yesterday I was online looking to buy and restock some of my record albums I have for sale here at the nursery.   As I was looking around a website I came across the RARE section and here is what I saw . . .

Yep, you read that correctly.  That is a record album called "Plantasia, Warm Earth Music for Plants, and People Who Love Them".  OK, I thought that was kind of odd.  Then I started reading the names of the songs on this record.  Here are my three favorite: 1. Ode to an African Violet 2. Symphony for a Spider Plant and my favorite . . . 3. Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant So I had to find out more.  Here is the short story of this record album.  There used to be a "plant store" in Los Angeles, CA called Mother Earth.  This was back in 1976.  The owner of the store loved plants and this album.  So every time somebody bought a house plant, he would give them this album.  You were supposed to play this music for your plants to make them grow and be happy . . . for real. The music is what I would call "trippy" for lack of a better word.  It probably went well with the 1976 culture of California.  The whole thing was recorded on a Moog Synthesizer, which is a whole different story.  See the picture below.

I love instrumental music, so I kind of dig this music as well.  But it is definitely an acquired taste.  I don't guess it really matters if I like it anyway.  This music was made specifically for plants.  I'm getting the album next week.  I'll be playing Symphony for a Spider Plant next week for one of my sick plants. I'll let you know if it works.

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

Poinsettias Are Coming

Poinsettias will be arriving next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Check our Facebook or Instagram page, or just give us a call for updates!

Dirty Santa Plant Swap

We had so much fun at our last Plant Swap, we are doing it again.  Click the link below for details.  We would love to have you share this fun time with us! Dirty Santa Plant Swap Sign-Up

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