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She usually follows the rules....

Here is a random picture. .

Without context, it means nothing to you.  But every picture has a story, and this one is no different. As you know, my family went to Jackson Hole, WY for Thanksgiving.  It was just beautiful.  We were completely overwhelmed by the snow, the beauty, the quietness of it all.  One morning, me, my wife, my sister, and kids decided to go for a walk to find a place to sled.  Every 100 feet or so was another beautiful house.  After five or six houses, we saw the one in the picture above. My wife just loved it.  Here is her direct quote  . . . "That house is just beautiful, it makes me mad nobody is even staying there over Thanksgiving, it's just too pretty to waste".

So the kids all sat on the rocks and we took a picture in front of the house.  Everybody continued walking up the road, but my wife just had to get a better look at that pretty house.  I will tell you this is not something my wife would typically do.  She is a rule follower and would not "trespass" ever.  But the beauty and the moment got to her. Here is where it gets interesting.  Mindy starts climbing over rocks and slippery snow to get a better look at the house.  My son Cas, who is also a rule follower, followed her.  They got almost all the way to the top where my wife could get a good look.  Her and my son both raised their heads from the slippery snow to look up through the big window on the right.  And they didn't see pretty furniture, marble counter tops, or priceless paintings....   They saw a woman drinking her coffee standing in the window looking back at them! My wife froze, looks up at the lady, and gives the lady in the window the heart hands sign and mouths the words "Your house is beautiful".  Just picture that scene and try not to laugh!

Red faced, her and my son slipped, stumbled, and fumbled back down the rocks to the road and caught up with us.  They told us the story and we have laughed and laughed and laughed.  The funniest part is that it is just so out of Mindy's character to "break the rules" like that. But that's what I love about her.  She is who she is.  Like me, she's not perfect, but she is perfect to me. So Happy Early Valentine's to Mindy Boone.  And don't forget to pick up something sweet for your loved one for Valentine's Day.  We've got some great ideas below!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

Valentine's Day is Friday!

Valentine's Day is this Friday.  Why give your sweetheart cut flowers that look bad after just a few days?  Give her a beautiful houseplant, orchid, or GROOT planter that will make her smile every time she sees it for months or even years!  We've got what you need for Valentine's Day.

And if you need a Valentine's card, just ask, we'll give you a free one!

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