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We Want You!!!!

Sorry for this "self-serving" newsletter today, but here goes . . . Once Upon a Time, there was a guy named JD. He ran a garden center. It was almost Spring and JD was so excited. He and his band of Merry Workers were quickly getting ready for warm weather, sunshine, and the smell of fresh compost in the morning! But there was one problem, JD needed some extra help. Not just for the Spring, but for many Springs thereafter and heretofore and hence and evermore and all those other Old English words that he doesn't understand . . . This is where YOU become part of JD's story, and this is no Fairy Tale. JD and the team at Dothan Nurseries are looking for a full time super awesome cashier! Not just for Spring, but full time and forever! And believe me, this is a lot more fun and involved than just scanning items, chewing gum, and saying have a nice day, I promise! Here is the job description: Are you a happy person? Do you like being outdoors and indoors and working in a really fast paced environment? Would you like to work somewhere where people can escape their busy lives and focus on the beauty of the garden? Where they can have fun, find success can create something to be proud of? Then you may be who we are looking for! The ideal candidate will have the ability to interact with retail customers in a fast-paced environment and have EXCELLENT communication skills. Because this position is the FINALE of a customer's experience at Dothan Nurseries, the candidate we seek must be friendly, genuine and professional. No retail or gardening experience is required, but a love of plants and playing in the dirt, all while delighting customers and performing physical activity is required. This is a full time job (5 days a week / 35-42 hours / must work Saturdays / Sundays and one other week day off) Bottom line, be happy, be genuine, get along well with others, be able to do basic computer work, be able to work Saturdays. And we may just have a job for you! So . . . do you know someone who would be perfect for this job? Could it be you? If you think you know the right person, please contact me at , come in and fill out an application , or CLICK HERE to apply online . If you send someone my way that we end up hiring, you will definitely be rewarded with a special prize that will make it worth your while! #cash , no joke. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help! See you soon!

Happy Gardening,

Your Friends at Dothan Nurseries

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