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If you remember, my son Cas just turned 16. He got the car. He got LOTS of practice driving all over town with his mom and I. I think he's ready?

Anyway, we went to the State Troopers office on Wednesday, and he passed his driving test on the first try (unlike his dad). That morning was his birthday and I got to give him a couple more special gifts. Jumper cables, CHECK! Mini Tool Box, CHECK! Tire Pressure Gauge, CHECK!

And . . . the thing I've been most excited about this whole time, my old Case Logic CD case with lots of 90s CD's curated by yours truly! Yep, his car has a CD player!

Yep, he's got all the essentials. Pearl Jam, Widespread, Matchbox, Hootie, Nirvana, Rage, Blues Traveler, Counting Crows, and lots more! I really doubt he'll ever listen to them, and that's fine. Because I know that one random afternoon, one of his buddies will pull out that CD case in his car and say WHAT IS THIS? Cas will reply that it is his dorky dad's CD's. Next thing you know, his friend will put in the pretty pink CD. 15 minutes later they're singing the chorus to Pearl Jam's ALIVE to the top of their lungs. It may only happen once, but that's all I need!

Fall is coming!!! Mums arrive next week. Fall Crotons & Hay Bales are here today.

Pumpkin house in about two weeks!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

Song of the week!

Well, while we are talking about Pearl Jam, this song popped in my head. If you are ever at the nursery, you may have heard it. It plays two or three times a week. I can remember back in 1993 being at my friend Skip's house. We would listen to and sing this song to the top of our lungs over and over. Kind of spooky. Kind of hopeful. Once again, take your own meaning from it. I just love it. It always takes me back to good times on Carr Circle in Headland, AL. Click here to listen to Indifference by Pearl Jam.

Tip of the week!

We are being blessed with overcast and rainy weather right now. Not terribly hot or humid. Don't let that fool you . . . Hot weather will be back in September for sure. If you've taken good care of watering your new trees or shrubs so far, don't stop! Use that water hose 2-3 times a week for 10 or so minutes per newly planted tree or shrub. Once it cools off, your plant will EXPLODE with new growth. It just has to be happy and healthy going into the Fall. Call or email me with questions

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