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Yeeeeah . . . that's not coming out . . .

Let me start by saying my wife is perfect in every way . . .  I couldn't run this nursery like I do, have sweet kids who know right from wrong, or just be a good person in general without Mindy.  As Rocky says in Rocky I . . . "She's got gaps, I got gaps, we fill gaps".  We both aren't perfect, but we fill in each others weaknesses and make a great team. So, with my wife's permission I'm going to tell you what happened a few weeks ago that we will laugh about for the rest of our lives. On top of being the perfect woman, Mindy likes to keep our house really clean.  She likes to keep our house clean like I like to keep Dothan Nurseries clean.  We are both kind of obsessive about each.  Anyway, she has wanted new counter tops for a while.  So, we just recently got some new white counter tops.   After about two weeks of new counter tops she came and woke me up one morning nearly in tears.  "I have burnt my new counter tops and can't get the stain out!"

The Stain . . . Yep, she did it.  She put a hot bowl of bacon grease on the counter and burnt the counter top.  She was devastated.  She looked online, talked to friends, got ideas, used Bartender's Friend, Mr. Clean, everything.  The stain wouldn't come out.  I didn't know what to say.  I just told her it gave the counter top character.  She didn't think that was funny.   Anyway, after a couple days, I was awoken again to . . . "JD, the stain is spreading!  There is something wrong with the counter tops.  We may have to get them replaced . . . " I told her I would come look after I brushed my teeth.  As I brushed my teeth the wheels in my mind began to turn.  I thought, "This is impossible, stains don't travel on quartz counter tops!"  I had an idea, but I had to see the stain first. This is what I saw when I got to the kitchen.

The Stain is moving . . . I thought, dang, we are going to have to get these counter tops replaced!  But then my idea came back into my head.  What if that isn't a stain at all?  What if that is a shadow from the cabinets?  So I pulled out my phone and shined it on the "stain".  The stain disappeared.  OMG, the stain was a shadow! In my wife's defense, we were also getting the kitchen cabinets repainted.  What made the "stain" look real, were the hinges from the cabinets that were now exposed since they removed the cabinet doors.  The shadow it cast on the counter top really made it look like a stain. Anyway, I don't know if you've ever tried to wipe off a shadow, but it doesn't work.   All that to say this: I'm not perfect, Mindy isn't perfect, nobody is. But it is our differences, strengths, and weaknesses that make us strong together.  And she is definitely the stronger one . . . Speaking of shadows, the sun is about to change and give us some cooler weather!  I see some high temps of 82 and lows of 64 next week!  Come see us.  Fruit trees, gorgeous shrubs for your landscape, and new houseplants are arriving daily!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

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