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You are sentenced to life! Without PAWrole

I talk to my pets and they talk to me . . . There, I said it and I'm not ashamed! My family has a weird (or maybe completely normal) relationship with our dogs. Right now we have two dogs, Kip & LaLa. You've seen their pictures before, but in case you forgot . . .

Lala Kip

Yes, my family loves to take pictures of our dogs and talk to them. We talk to them a lot. I have complete conversations with both of them. I channel what I think they are saying and do the talking for them. We all do it. I know it's weird, but it is who The Boone's are . . . So, my family also likes to watch a TV show called Court Cam. This is basically video from court rooms all over America. Somebody is getting sentenced for a crime and they freak out and punch somebody or try to escape. We love watching shows like that. My dad calls those shows "Bubblegum for the brain". Well, I was in the kitchen a few weeks ago and my wife was in the front room watching Court Cam. After about 10 minutes, in a very harsh voice, I heard this from my wife's mouth.

Lala! You are under arrest!

You have been sentenced to a lifetime of kisses and hugs and snuggles!

You will be required to sleep in the bed with your mommy and daddy for life!

You are guilty! I just started laughing! We love our dogs way too much. Could be worse I guess. Anyway, I hope you are having wonderful Holiday Season. I am so ready for Christmas to get here! If you need a gift, we've got you covered. Come see us!

Happy Gardening, JD Boone

Beat the Weeds! Right now is where you win the battle against weeds in your lawn next Summer. Put out Pre-Emergent now to kill weed seeds before they grow into weeds next Spring. Put out one application now and one more in February for nearly weed free lawn next year! Click Here for more info.

Song of the week!

I'm part of a group of guys competing in a Music League online. I'll explain that in another story one day. For now, just know that last week's category was to pick a Christmas song that is actually good . . . that maybe no one has heard before. The winner was . . . Merry Christmas Baby by Vernon Garrett. It really is a great Christmas song. Click here to listen to Merry Christmas Baby by Vernon Garrett.

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