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Assortment of Plants


Dothan Nurseries

We are a family owned independent garden center. We have strong convictions that shape our approach:

We believe in the enriching power of gardening. It brings a profound sense of fulfillment and tranquility to life. We cherish the balance of embracing new ideas while honoring timeless practices. Plants, with their natural beauty, offer us endless peace, joy, and a deep connection to the Earth. Every day, we witness hope, renewal, and grace in the world around us, and we feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Community is at our core. We see our customers and employees as family. Every person we encounter holds equal importance. Your successes and challenges are our own. We're committed to making it easy for you to seek help when needed. Kind words have a lasting impact, and we make sure everyone we meet experiences their warmth. Ultimately, we believe in the simplicity and contentment that loving one another brings. Our mission is to spread happiness, because your well-being is what we truly believe in and what propels our growth.

We offer an unmatched selection of Annual, Perennial, Tree, Shrubs & Indoor Houseplants.

We provide you with friendly knowledgeable information that has come from years of trial & error.

We carry plants that will live and preform well in our area. 

We are committed to giving you our expert advice on all your plants whether they are inside or outside.

We recycle plastic pots to give them a new life and help reduce waste.

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