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the dothan nurseries team

Hello and a warm welcome to Dothan Nurseries! I'm JD Boone, the proud owner, and I'm genuinely excited that you've decided to pay us a visit. Allow me to share a bit about my background – my connection to the nursery and landscaping world goes way back, thanks to my parents who embarked on this journey in the vibrant era of the '70s. Growing up amidst the lush beauty of plants and landscapes, I've developed a profound affection for this industry.

But here's the scoop – what we're all about at Dothan Nurseries goes beyond mere plant sales. Life has showered me with incredible blessings, and I'm committed to paying it forward. That's why I believe in giving back to the community that has supported us. So, I invite you to swing by, say hello, and let me personally guide you through our verdant wonderland. It's an experience you won't want to miss!




General Manager

Introducing Mondae – a devoted animal enthusiast with a passion for all creatures, big and small. When she's not weaving nursery magic, she's crafting intricate mohair horse tack.

In her role as our exceptional general manager, Mondae ensures the nursery runs seamlessly. From overseeing the registers to stepping in when needed, she's the behind-the-scenes powerhouse.

And that's not all – Mondae's creativity shines through on our website, infusing it with charm. From nurturing plants to crafting pixels, she's the maestro who brings it all together.

image3 (4).jpeg
Color Team Manager
Annuals, Perennial & Tropicals

Meet Megan, a genuine Wiregrass native. After some journeys away, she rediscovered her roots at home. With an education in veterinary medicine, she honed her skills for over 15 years in that realm. But that's not all – Megan's wealth of plant knowledge led her to embrace her green thumb passion. And wait, there's more! Besides being an amazing mom to 4 kids and a troop of furbabies, Megan's brilliance shines through. She's known to study into the late hours, all to ensure your garden thrives under her guidance.


Creative Coordinator 

Meet Danielle, our creative powerhouse. She's the trendsetter, bringing the latest styles from around the world to Dothan Nurseries. With a degree in Philosophy from Auburn, she's the mind behind our showroom and renovations.

A Wiregrass native, Danielle returned to infuse her artistic flair into everything she does. When not finding new products, she's hanging out with her adorable cats: Luna, Leo, and Lucy. And guess what? She's not only an artist in design but also in music, strumming the guitar and gracing us with her vocals.

Greenhouse Manager 

Meet Cody, the Wiregrass native with a wanderlust spirit. From Alaska to Mexico, he's been exploring the globe and soaking in the best destinations. But now, he's back home, rooted for a few years.

Cody's houseplant collection is nothing short of amazing – prepare to be amazed! His expertise spans a wide range, making him your go-to guy in almost every corner here. With Cody around, you're in knowledgeable hands!


Tree & Shrub Manager

Introducing Bob: When he's not conjuring nursery magic or serving up green-thumb tips, he's all in on hunting – pondering, envisioning, and plotting. Hunting's his realm, through and through. And guess what? There's more to him! He's also a wordsmith. Don't miss his book "Blood in Lake Eufaula," available at Dothan Nurseries.

DN Sales Team
Mondae and her crew are your friendly faces at Dothan Nurseries. They're here to help you build the perfect project team, whether it's big or small. From quick sales to ensuring your plants are packed and ready, they've got you covered.
With a wealth of plant knowledge, they're your go-to for questions about plants, pests, and diseases. And if they don't have the answer, they'll point you in the right direction. From advice to transactions, they're the experts you can count on.



Showroom Associate 

Meet Frandy, a Shalimar, Florida native who recently transplanted herself and her family to the Wiregrass. With a background primarily in the food industry, she's now embarked on a new journey with us. As a fantastic addition to our team, she's on her way to becoming a plant enthusiast too. Keep an eye out – Frandy's bound to catch the green bug!

image0 (36).jpeg

Showroom Associate 

Let us introduce you to Teri, whose connection with Lovetown runs deep from childhood summers spent with family. A few years back, she traded Virginia for a return to her roots, wanting to be closer to her parents. Nowadays, her focus is on taking care of her father since her mother's passing – a testament to her selfless love.

Though she may not be around as much, Teri still manages to make her presence felt, especially on our busiest days when we need her the most. And when she does find a moment to spare, you might find her snuggled up with a book or indulging in the joys of outdoor gardening and crafting.

DN Color Team
The dynamic color team is at your service, ready to cater to all your annual and perennial desires. Whether you're seeking plant insights or assistance in selecting the ideal blooms for a container garden, the color team has your back. From general plant knowledge to curating the perfect floral palette, they're here to make your gardening dreams a vibrant reality.

image0 (4).jpeg
Color Team Associate 
Annuals, Perennial & Tropicals

Meet Jordan, a Dothan, AL native. After a spell away, she called Auburn home for 7 years while navigating life's journey, and now she's back where it all began. Her story has taken her from animals to plants; once involved in animal work since high school, she's recently embarked on a new green adventure.

Besides her knack for all things botanical, Jordan's a sweet and whimsical soul. When the clock's not ticking with work, her heart thrives on travel, soaking in nature, dancing at music festivals, and cherishing moments with her two cats and dog, alongside her circle of cherished family and friends.

Color Team Associate 
Annuals, Perennial & Tropicals

Allow us to introduce Joy, a true local of the Wiregrass region. Taking a departure from her medical career, she's now getting her hands delightfully dirty with us! And here's a little hint – you might just see a familiar resemblance because she's none other than Connor's caring momma. 

In her spare moments, Joy finds solace in life's simpler pleasures alongside her husband and their two boys, Connor and Trevor. Their family moments are a true testament to the beauty of life's uncomplicated joys.

DN Houseplant's
Introducing our houseplant team, your ticket to transforming your indoor space into a lush tropical oasis. Don't worry if you think your plant skills are lacking – we're here to guide you from black to green thumb status!

With our expertise, your plants will be thriving and radiantly healthy. Looking for a thoughtful gift? We've got you covered there too. Let us help you create the perfect green surprise for that special someone.

Looking for our next super star... Is it you????
if you think it is... follow this link, print out our application, bring it in filled out and speak with one of our Managers!!!

DN Tree's & Shrub's
Meet our dynamic tree and shrub duo – your yard's best friends! Whether you're after a tranquil shade tree, an always-vibrant evergreen shrub, the most enchanting fragrant rose, or a tree that offers you a slice of fruit heaven, we've got your back. Bob and Connor are your expert guides, ready to cater to your every need. Worried about pests or plant health? They're the solution gurus you can count on. Your yard's future is in capable hands with Bob and Connor!
image0 (37).jpeg

Tree & Shrub Associate

Meet Connor: a Dothan Nurseries superstar. With boundless dedication and a helpful spirit, he's your go-to for all things trees and shrubs.

But wait, there's more! Beyond the nursery, Connor's reaching for the skies, training to be a helicopter mechanic. And hold onto your hat because he's also a powder coating maestro, running his own vibrant business.

Connor's unique blend of commitment and interests sets him apart. Whether it's plants, helicopters, or eye-popping coatings, he's the guy who's got it down pat.

DN Grounds Maintenance Team

Grounds Maintenance



Grounds Maintenance 


Sebastian's wife also helps with all the behind the scenes that keeps Dothan Nurseries the special place that it is.  

Sebastian has been working here longer than anyone. Sebastian does all the jobs that not everyone sees that make Dothan Nurseries perfect & pretty. 

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