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the dothan nurseries team

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Welcome to Dothan Nurseries. My name is JD Boone, and I’m the owner of Dothan Nurseries. I’m glad you stopped by. My parents have been in the nursery and landscaping business since the early 1970s, so it has always been a part of my life. I grew up in this business and have grown to love it. Everything I do here at the nursery is for a lot bigger purpose than just selling plants. I feel I’ve been overly-blessed in my life and I want to give that back. So stop by and say hello. I’d love to show you around.



General Manager

Mondae is a lover of everything with paws or hooves, in her off time you can find her with her horses or making mohair horse tack, but her talents at the nursery make her just as special. Without Mondae working behind the scenes out here, things would surely be a hot mess. She is also the person behind our website. 

aka: Brogglee, broggy, broggy dog

Dothan Nurseries Mascot

Broggee is Cody's sweet girl. She loves meeting all of our wonderful guests. Cody rescued her off the streets of Mexico 3 years ago. It is so nice to have a new DN mascot, we've missed having a dog around!
DN Sales Team
Mondae & her ladies are the first faces you see when you walk into Dothan Nurseries. They are here to help you find the perfect team member whether it is a whole project or just something small. They will also happily and efficiently complete your sales transaction, get your plants boxed up and on a buggie for you to easily head out the door & load your car. They can also help with most questions about plants, pests & disease and if they can't they will find who can. 


Showroom Associate 

Frandy was born and raised in Shalimar Florida. She and her family made the move to the Wiregrass a few years ago. She has always worked in the food industry but wanted a change. She is a great addition to our team, soon she'll be a plant addict too. 

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Showroom Associate 

Teri spent many summers here as a child visiting her family in Lovetown. Then a few years ago she relocated from Virginia to be closer to her parents. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside gardening and crafting

DN Color Team
The color team is here to help you with all you annual & perennial needs. Whether you need help with the general knowledge of plants or helping you pick out the perfect flowers for a container garden the color team is here to help you.
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Color Team Manager
Annuals, Perennial & Tropicals
Color Team Associate 
Annuals, Perennial & Tropicals
Color Team Associate 
Annuals, Perennial & Tropicals

Megan was raised in the Wiregrass, moved around a bit and came back home. Her education is in veterinary medicine & was an asset to that field for over 15 years. She also has vast plant knowledge & decided to follow her passion for plants.  

Jordan was raised in Dothan, Al. She moved away and lived in Auburn for the last 7 years figuring out life which ultimately brought her back home. She has worked with animals since high school up until recently when she made the switch to plants.
In her free time I love spending time traveling, in nature, music festivals, or with friends and family.

Cassandra was raised in GA but moved away with the military for a few years. She's now back and here ready to help you with you annual & perennial color. She loves flowers and to read.


Creative Coordinator 

Danielle is the magic behind the scenes. She know what the current trends are & bring them right here to Dothan Nurseries for you! Danielle designs our showroom & oversees all renovation projects. She grew up in the Wiregrass. She left for a few years to get her Philosophy degree from Auburn. She has the cutest cats, Luna, Leo & Lucy. She's an amazing artist!! She also enjoys playing guitar & singing.

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We Plan, You Plan Designer

Leah was a guest before she was an employee, she loves to garden!!! Come on in and have her help you with a landscape plan your neighbors will be envious of. 

DN Houseplant Team
Our houseplant team is here to help you make the space inside your home a tropical paradise.
Even if you think your thumb is black they will coach you through and you'll soon see that it is green!
They are very knowledgeable keeping your plants happy and healthy!
Need that perfect gift for someone special? They can help! 
Greenhouse Manager 

Cody was born and raised in the Wiregrass. He is a world traveler, from Alaska to Mexico, he seems to always be vacationing in the greatest of places, but he's finally settled down back here at home for a few years. His houseplant collection is one to be in awe of and his knowledge is so well rounded he can help you in just about every department here! He is also Broglee's dad. 

Greenhouse Associate 

Katie comes from a large family, 6 girls and 1 boy, she moved here from Florida. She enjoy running with her dog Remington. She loves to read and paint as well. 

DN Tree & Shrub Team
The tree & shrub team is here to help you pick the right things for the yard whether you want a nice shade tree, an evergreen shrub, that rose that smells the best or a tree you can pick a piece of fruit from to enjoy. Bob & Connor are here to help you in any way you need. They can even help with questions about pests and plant disease.
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Tree & Shrub Manager

When Bob isn't creating something new at the nursery or giving the best advice to anyone that has a problem with anything planted he's hunting or dreaming about hunting or planning for hunting.... see a pattern? We also like to brag a bit that he's a published author!! His book "Blood in Lake Eufaula" can be found for sale at Dothan Nurseries. 


Tree & Shrub Associate

Connor has been a blessed addition to the Tree & Shrub Team. He is Mr. Bob's right hand man & sometimes we think he and Bob are the same person. 

DN Grounds Maintenance Team


Grounds Maintenance

Sebastian has been working here longer than anyone. Sebastian does all the jobs that not everyone sees that make Dothan Nurseries perfect & pretty. 



Grounds Maintenance 


Sebastian's wife also helps with all the behind the scenes that keeps Dothan Nurseries the special place that it is.