the dothan nurseries team

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Welcome to Dothan Nurseries. My name is JD Boone, and I’m the owner of Dothan Nurseries. I’m glad you stopped by. My parents have been in the nursery and landscaping business since the early 1970s, so it has always been a part of my life. I grew up in this business and have grown to love it. Everything I do here at the nursery is for a lot bigger purpose than just selling plants. I feel I’ve been overly-blessed in my life and I want to give that back. So stop by and say hello. I’d love to show you around.


Bob the Builder

Trees & Shrubs Manager

When Bob isn't creating something new at the nursery or giving the best advice to anyone that has a problem with anything planted he's hunting or dreaming about hunting or planning for hunting.... see a pattern? We also like to brag a bit that he's a published author!! His book "Blood in Lake Eufaula" can be found for sale at Dothan Nurseries. 



Grounds Maintenance


Sebastian has been working here longer than anyone. Sebastian does all the jobs that not everyone sees that make Dothan Nurseries perfect & pretty. 


Head of Design

Emily's talents are seen in every step you take here at Dothan Nurseries. She designs new projects that capture the essence of Dothan Nurseries. When she's not creating something beautiful for the nursery, she is at the dog park with her dog Juno. 


Showroom Manager 


Mondae is a lover of everything with paws or hooves, but her talents at the nursery make her just as special. Without Mondae working behind the scenes out here, things would surely be a hot mess.


Annuals, Perennial, Tropicals & Landscape Design Manager


 Mattie keeps the annuals beautiful and organized, she also is the creative mind behind the beautiful landscape designs for our We Plan, You Plant Landscape Plan. In her spare time, you can find her hunting for the next cool house plant & being a mom to her 2 dogs.

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Greenhouse Associate


Kiera is our favorite goofball around the nursery! She catches lizards & entertains us by day and by night she enjoys listening to musicals & singing.



Grounds Maintenance 

Sebastian's wife also helps with all the behind the scenes that keeps Dothan Nurseries the special place that it is.  


Social Media Manager

Ashley is a plant enthusiast who spends her free time playing with her dog Waylon and singing at Church! 



Greenhouse Manager

Madison returned back to The Wiregrass after receiving her biology degree from UCF. In her spare time she like to hike, kayak & read. 







Showroom Associate 
Garden Center Associate 


Rachel started last year as one of our "Littles" helping where ever she was needed. We quickly realized she needs to be part of our permanent team. Although she is still enjoying the end of her high school career & being the captain of her cheer squad we are happy she's back with us until college!  

Teri relocated from Virginia to be closer to her parents a few years ago. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside gardening and crafting

You probably saw in Rachels's bio I said she was a "little". Littles are our seasonal young adults that make our lives so much easier! Without them, life at Dothan Nurseries would be a lot more hectic! Both Edward & Cassidy are our littles, they both are in the midst of their high school careers & enjoying their first jobs with us!!! We are hoping they come back next year as well! They are great at helping us and our guests every day!!