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Join our Team 

We Believe in Community, Integrity, Family & Values.


We are looking for new talent, someone who is willing to join a team approach, work hard, enjoy the fresh air that for a few months out of the year is extremely hot air, and likes to work with people. Tired of refolding the clothes that someone unfolded to look at, getting another side of ranch, or refilling that sweet tea? We have limited openings at the garden center, but you must believe in our values and fit our family-style approach to business. We like working with each other, and a team interview allows this opportunity.

The right person will enjoy catching butterflies & loading SOD into fancy hatchback cars, be able to move heavy tables, trim back delicate flowers & throughout the day hang out with really great gardeners we call customers. If you do not have a sense of humor or enjoy meeting and talking to new people daily, there is no need to apply, do not waste our time or yours.

Here is what we believe if you like what we like, then please apply, ASAP. These positions go FAST. We pay well above the minimum, but way more important than the money, we like and support each other. If you are a loner, do not apply, if it is only about the money, don’t apply, if you don’t like great customer service, your colleagues or people in general then for the sake of gardening don’t apply!


WE DON’T WORK NIGHTS; we are in retail and open 6 days a week. You will be home for breakfast and dinner each day even on the busiest days.


We are a business of values, passion, integrity, community, and beliefs. If you honestly believe the following you are halfway there, and we encourage you to apply!!


We Believe, in family, church, community, and friendships.


We Believe, in the sense of fulfillment and ease gardening can bring into a person’s life.


We Believe, in the nature of keeping things fresh and new, while also remembering the tried and true.


We Believe, roses should smell like roses


We Believe, in the life and beauty plants offer us so freely and purely. 


We Believe, in treating customers and employees alike, as a family.


We Believe, your backyard should be more comfortable than your living room.


We Believe, getting dirty is fun.


We Believe, in nurturing our customers as much as nurturing our plants.


We Believe, every single person we encounter is equally important. Every customer is more to us than just a sale. Your failures are our failures. We feel the joys of success only when you feel it.


We Believe, in asking for help and do our best to make that as easy as possible for our customers to do.


We Believe, in the kindness of words and how important it is to make sure everyone we meet gets to hear them. At the end of the day, this is the most significant.


We Believe, in the satisfaction and simplicity life brings us if we love each other this way. Loving people is our goal here, and we believe that the truest of loves is putting others' needs before your own.


We Believe, in the “Golden Rule” – Do what is right towards God, your Community, and your Neighbor.

If you find that you resonate with our company's values and believe you would be a great fit,

we encourage you to come in and fill out an application. We prefer in-person

applications as it allows us to conduct a quick interview while you're here,

ensuring a more comprehensive understanding of your potential fit within our team.

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