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Tropical Houseplants

Welcome to our House Plant Collection, the perfect haven for those seeking a touch of nature within their abode! We've curated a diverse range of plants, each boasting unique sizes and textures, ensuring there's a perfect match for every nook and cranny of your living space.

Explore a spectrum of options, from the effortlessly cared-for pothos, ZZ plants, and Sansevieria, to the timeless allure of ferns, ivy, cacti, succulents, philodendrons, and hoyas. And let's not forget about our fantastic carnivorous plants, which add intrigue and can also lend a hand in banishing pesky bugs.

Our collection is an ever-evolving living gallery, with new additions sprouting up regularly. Speaking of which, here's a sneak peek at a few examples from our extensive lineup. But why read about it when you can experience it? Swing by today to explore our current selection or give our online store a whirl by clicking the button below. Your next favorite plant might be just a click away!

The Rare & Exotic Collection

Welcome to our Garden Center, a treasure trove of ever-evolving rare and exotic houseplants. We take immense pride in offering a collection that's both dynamic and enchanting. Among our stars are the captivating Thai Constellation, the ethereal White Princess, the one-of-a-kind Jose Bueno, the audacious Albo Syngonium, the distinguished Variegated Colocasia, and a plethora of other mesmerizing specimens.

Each of these rare and exotic houseplants is a testament to nature's artistry, ready to infuse your home or garden with unparalleled beauty and style. Our inventory of rare and exotics is a living kaleidoscope, constantly shifting to bring you fresh delights.

While we've provided a glimpse of a few enchanting examples, the true magic lies in experiencing them firsthand. Drop by today to immerse yourself in our ever-changing selection or venture into our online store by clicking the button below. The next addition to your plant family could be just a click away!

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