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Dothan Nurseries Tree & Shrub Warranty 

When you purchase our Dothan Nurseries Sure-Gro-Kit*,

each tree & shrub comes with a 3-year warranty, allowing one replacement per plant. Bring in the dead plant and a receipt verifying your compost and fertilizer purchase to qualify. We can store your receipt in our Preferred Customer System as an added convenience. The warranty covers a one-time full replacement; for a second claim, you'll receive half the purchase price as a credit for any future purchase. No cash refunds. If you don't purchase our Sure Gro Kit,

your plants have a 3-month warranty.

*The Sure Gro Kit Package features our preferred soil enhancer,

Organic & Odorless Chicken Compost, combined with a specially formulated

slow-release tree & shrub fertilizer designed for Dothan Nurseries.

Organic & Odorless Chicken Compost

1/4 bag per 1-gallon size plant

1/3 bag per 2-5 gallon size plant

1/2 bag per 7-gallon size plant

1 bag per 10-15 gallon size plant

2 bags per 25-30 gallon size plant

Dothan Nurseries Once a Year Fertilizer for Trees & Shrubs

1 - 4 lb Jug per 15 plants

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