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Want to purchase that big, beautiful shade tree from us, but you have no way to get it home? We do offer delivery or delivery/installation in & around the Dothan Area. Please contact us for a quote today! 

Before the installation of your plants, please call 811 or visit the 811 websites in your state to have them mark the utility lines in your yard.
Safe digging starts when you contact 811 either with a direct telephone call, the internet web portal or the mobile application. Per state laws, everyone, including home-owners, must contact their 811 according to state, at least two working days before the start of any excavation project – no matter how large or how small – especially if you are using any type of mechanized equipment. If you are unsure whether you need to notify 811 before starting your job, remember it is always best to call. Calling 811 is a free service. Below we have provided the information needed to contact your 811.

811 Info

Alabama - (800) 292-8525

Georgia -  (770) 623-4332

Florida - (800) 432-4770

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