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Beautify your garden with long-lived. From elegant flowering specimens to evergreen hedges or fast-growing privacy screens, you'll find a wide variety of fine shrubs to create the backbone of your garden. You can trust in Dothan Nurseries careful selection of only the very best varieties for top-quality, low-maintenance garden beauty. We offer only healthy, vigorous varieties with well-established root systems that are ready to flourish in your garden.

We carry all the Shrubs below and more most of the time, but we can't guarantee they will be available all of the time.  Please stop by or call to check availability.

Our Favorite Sun Shrubs

Sunshine Ligustrum


A fast-growing, compact shrub with ornamental foliage. These make a lively border, and would certainly dress up your walkway, creating a cheery welcome for guests.

Your Sunshine Ligustrum is a variety of Privet with golden foliage all summer long. Its golden color is enhanced by sun exposure, so use this in places where its optima color can be realized.

You’ll adore how the new leaves emerge light green in the spring before transitioning to their bright colors for summer.

Easily kept pruned anywhere from 2-6 feet tall.

Vintage Jade Distylium
image4 (4).jpeg

This lovely evergreen forms a spreading mound in the landscape and offers a refreshing touch of dark green throughout the year. A member of the witch hazel family, petite red flowers appear in the winter. This adaptable plant grows in full sun or part shade tolerates drought, heat and wet soil. It also displays exceptional resistance to disease and insects. Distylium is a good alternative for boxwood, cherry laurel, holly and juniper in foundation plantings or anywhere you want low maintenance evergreens.

Easily kept pruned anywhere from 2-3 feet tall.

Limelight & Little Limelight Hydrangeas


The myth, the legend, the plant: 'Limelight' hydrangea. This unique sun-loving hydrangea revolutionized landscaping across North America. Huge, football-shaped flowers open in an elegant celadon green that looks fresh and clean in summer's heat. The blooms age to an array of pink, red, and burgundy which persists through frost for months of irresistible flowers. You can use 'Limelight' hydrangea just about any way you can imagine: as a showy flowering hedge, to screen off air conditioners, as an attention-getting specimen, in containers, flower gardens, or anywhere around your home. A long-time favorite of professional florists, it also makes an excellent cut flower, fresh or dried.

Kaleidoscope Abelia

This evergreen has bright, golden-yellow variegation on medium green leaves along with brilliant red stems creates a striking kaleidoscope of color. A low, compact selection that works well as a foundation plant, low hedge, or for use in patio containers. Great when planted in a large mass as a groundcover or for dramatic year-round color.

Easily kept pruned anywhere from 2-3 feet tall

Shi-Shi Gashira Sasanqua Dwarf Camellia

Hands down one of the very best dwarf evergreen shrubs for the garden and landscape! It produces loads of 2-3" wide pink double flowers over an extended season beginning in October and the show can last well into December. This dwarf Sasanqua Camellia grows into a tidy 4' x 4' plant and has dark green glossy foliage. Prefers part sun or full sun.  

Easily kept pruned anywhere from 2-4 feet tall.

Purple Daydream Dwarf Loropetalum


If unconventionally colored evergreen shrubs are your thing, the Purple Daydream Loropetalum may be perfect for you. With dark wine-purple foliage and ruby red ribbon blooms in Spring, the Purple Daydream provides unique flair to any landscape all year long. This Loropetalum stays a compact 2 ft. - 3 ft. high and 3 ft. - 4 ft. wide, making maintenance a thing of the past.

Our Favorite Shrubs for Shade
Reblooming Hydrangeas

These hydrangeas do great in shady or partly shady areas. They come in shades of white, pink, purple, and blue.  The best part is that they will bloom in the Spring and again in the Summer and Fall. Just cut off the bloom when it begins to turn brown and another one will replace it.

These plants are easily kept anywhere from 3-6 feet tall.

Florida Sunshine Anise
image6 (6).jpeg

This beautiful evergreen plant will add color to your shady garden all year long.  The licorice scented leaves and blooms also add a nice touch of fragrance to your garden as well.

Easily kept anywhere from 2-6 feet tall.

Camellia Japonica

A great plant for our area of the country. Camellias are the State Flower of Alabama. They come in shades of red, pink, and white. They do prefer full or part shade.  

Easily kept pruned anywhere from 6-12 feet tall

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