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Captain America in a Pumpkin

ike I've told you before. I'm lazy. I'm a homebody. I like to be home and hang out on the couch with my family (when I'm not working). This has its good and its bad. For one, I get to make ME happy. That's good. On the bad side, I don't get out and hang out with friends like I should. That's bad. When I do go out and do something social, I'm always amazed how much fun I have. I'm never disappointed. Anyway, last Wednesday, I had a choice. Hang out on the couch or go to some friend's house with our kids and have a pumpkin carving contest. These friends are the sweetest people in the world, but it had been a long day and I was tired. But I made the right choice and I went, and I was NOT disappointed! So much fun!

We were split up into teams of two and off we went. We had drills, knives, power saws, hot glue guns, and lots more! It was crazy for about an hour and half. There was "trash talking". Lots of it! All in good fun.

As you can see. We got really creative. Although I still don't understand the Captain America one. Do you? It was a great time. Families and friends bonded the way we were meant to. I got out of my comfort zone like I should, and I don't regret it one bit! Happy Halloween!

Speaking of pumpkins, we've got plenty for your Fall Decorating. We've also got hay bales, mums, and lots more. Come see us!

Happy Gardening, JD Boone

Tip of the week!

It has never been more critical than it is right now to water, water, water, water, water! If you've planted a tree or shrub in the last year, water it today! These cool nights are great, but these warm & windy dry days are rough on your plants. Don't count on your sprinkler system either. Use a water hose. Sit it at the base of your tree or shrub and let it run on low for about 15 minutes. Every other day until we finally get some rain. Me and your plant will thank you!

Song of the week!

Do you have some songs that no matter how many times you hear them, they never get old? I mean ever! It's just that good of a song! Well, back in about 2003, my brother-in-law introduced me to a band and song. I only know one song by this band, but it makes me so happy every time I hear it. From the first guitar riff to the end. So good! Click here to listen to If She Wants Me by Belle & Sebastian.

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