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Pruning & Cutting back your Hydrangeas, Camellias & Azaleas

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

There are two different types of Hydrangeas that you need to be aware of before trimming or cutting back.

The first is the “Old Wood” Hydrangea. Examples of old wood hydrangeas would be your Oak Leaf or Nikko Blue. These types of hydrangeas bloom off old wood & you want to cut them back no later then mid August to ensure they bloom out the following summer.

Your “New Wood” Hydrangeas for example all the Endless Summer & Limelight’s you can trim the blooms off when they start to brown to help them re-bloom. You cut them back once winter comes and they’re dormant. They can be back hard or to whatever height you desire. ***Be sure to cut the last blooms of your Limelight hydrangeas before they brown, you can hang them upside down & they dry beautifully adding to your indoor décor all winter long!!!

Camellias & Azaleas you want to cut them back once they’re done blooming.

A little added piece of golden information, when your Crape Myrtles blooms start to brown you can trim them off and it’s possible it will bloom out again!

Hope this helps answer any questions about pruning or cutting back some of your flowering shrubs!

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