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Happy Birthday to You!

Yep, as always, there's a story to this picture. Here goes . . .

I got a call at the nursery about two weeks ago. A sweet lady and her family from out of town wanted to get a pretty pot of flowers to put at a gravesite. They wanted something that bloomed, but didn't take a lot (or any) water. I told her that would be tough. We looked at our succulents, but they just didn't have enough WOW factor. As I thought and thought about what to do I sent her this picture.

This was an agave plant we had planted on the side of the nursery a few years ago. We NEVER water it, and it is beautiful. So I thought . . . let's just dig it up and use that! Yesterday I drove out to Piney Grove Methodist Church. I searched for a while for the gravestone of Billie McKay Shirah. Just from her name and my interactions with her family, I know she had to have been the sweetest lady. She was 95 years old I believe. Her family told me she lived in Dothan her whole life. Oh, and this . . . . Yesterday, October 20th would've been Billie's birthday. So I took this plant to her yesterday. I thought that was the sweetest thing! But her family did have one last request . . . That was for me to sing Happy Birthday to Billie and send them a video. After I explained to them I was good at playing the drums and not good at singing, they still asked if I would sing to her. I did sing to Billie. It was not pretty, but I know Billie loved it. So . . . Happy Birthday Billie. Enjoy your new plant!

Happy Gardening, JD Boone

P.S. On my way to Billie's grave I saw this toy lion. It got me curious, so I read the gravestone. This one was for a sweet boy named Wayne Tidwell. He was only four years old. He passed away in 1916. I don't know the story of what happened and probably never will. Just sad to see. But it is nice that someone hasn't forgotten him and put that toy lion there.

Tip of the week! I know you've heard it before, but Fall is for Planting! Now is the time to plant trees & shrubs in your yard. The cool weather has lots of benefits for you and your new plant. There is so much less stress on the tree this time of year. They go dormant in the cold weather and don't need nearly as much water. If you buy a tree in July and don't water it for five days, it could die. If you plant a tree now and don't water for five days, it's not the big of a deal. Especially with the cooler weather. So, beat the heat! Plant your trees & shrubs now!

Song of the week!

That was a tough loss for Alabama last week. Yep, I'm an Alabama fan. But Tennesse was due a win, and I'm happy for them. Made me think of this country song I heard a few months ago. A timely song indeed!

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