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I've got a pocket full of quarters, and I'm headed to the arcade!

I am a child of the 80s.  I was born in 1976, but my first memories are of the early 1980s.  I love everything about the 80s.  The clothes, the music, everything.   I probably feel about the 80s the same way my dad feels about his hometown Geneva, AL in the 1960s.  He thinks that was the best, I think the 80s in Dothan were the best.   Some of my best memories of the 80s all happened right here in Dothan.  I loved toy shopping at Wilbro (who remembers that place?)  I loved getting my new shoes at Buster Browns in Circle West Shopping Center.  I loved eating Pizza and playing with the dancing monkey machine at a pizza place downtown called Gay Nineties.  I loved eating pizza at Godfather's Pizza and playing video games there.  I also looooooved Diamond Jim's Arcade in the "New Mall", Wiregrass Commons. Anyway, one of my favorites was when we would go to Pizza Hut over near where Home Depot is now.  If we did good or bad in baseball, the parents would take the team to Pizza Hut.  And yes, the pizza and soft drinks were great, but what I loved were the sit down Arcade Machines.  You remember those?  One person would sit down at either side of the machine and play Galaga or Pacman or Donkey Kong.  One person would go until they "died" and then the next person would go.   Well, since we've been holed up in our house with the whole COVID issue, I started thinking about those sit down arcade machines and how cool it would be to have one.  I thought it would be cool not just to tell my kids how fun the 80s was, but I could show them.  So I got this . . .

This thing is awesome!  It's got 64 games from the 80s on it.  We mostly play King Kong and Dig Dug.  Those are our two favorites.  And guess what!?  This isn't FORTNITE that my kids love, so I am the best in the house at these games!  I love that part most.   Anyway, that has been the highlight of my last few weeks. Me and the boys have had a blast playing old school video games.  The only issue is that it won't keep your high score saved.  So my son Cas made me get a notebook to keep up with them all.  

Also, stay tuned.  I'm pretty sure I'll get one of these at the nursery soon to put in the record room.  Come see us!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

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