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Now, that tastes weird!

Acmella Oleracea, Acmella Olearacea, Acmella Oleracea. Say that three times fast . . . As you know, I typically like to tell you a story about something random that happened in my life in this newsletter. I don't really ever talk about plants. Well, that changes today, if only this one time.

Two weeks ago I was looking at an availability from a grower. In the herb section, along with all the basil, mint, and sage, was a plant called "Toothache Plant", latin name Acmella Olearacea. I was intrigued . . . I love new plants, weird plants, rare plants. So I had to get the Toothache Plant. What is the Toothache Plant you ask? Keep reading . . .

Madeline with the Toothache Plant Up close to the Toothache Plant

So, we got this plant in, and I had kind of forgotten about it. That is, until Madeline and Kiera (they manage the annuals & perennials) came running into my office screaming "eat this leaf! eat this leaf!" Long story short, I ate the leaf off the toothache plant. The best way to describe it is in the words of Madeline. "It feels like a little something is doing a dance on your tongue". It did, kind of tingly, neat, only lasted about 15 seconds. So, story over, right? Wrong . . . I called my grower Marcia to tell her about it, and she said "I haven't tried it, but I think you are supposed to chew the blooms". Well, I told Madeline and Kiera. The next thing I know they are both in the parking lot screaming and laughing saying "JD, you've got to try this". So, after a little bit of coaxing, I chewed up one of the blooms. The bloom didn't taste great, not terrible, but not great. I spit it out and didn't feel anything for about 15 seconds, then it happened. My mouth lit up! Not in a bad way, but in the weirdest, most unique, odd feeling way. Almost like pop rocks without the sugar, a little numb, oddly tingly. But the wildest thing is that it went on like that for about five minutes. So, if it was the year 1692 and I had a bad toothache I know what I'd be looking for. The Toothache plant! Come check them out. They're pretty and tasty!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

________________________________________________________________________________ Editors Note:

In last week's newsletter, I regrettably referred to my wife's rap persona as "Little Yummy". My family informed me that the correct name is "Lil' Yummy". I am sorry for any confusion this caused. ;)


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