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You made a cake out of what?

I've told you before that I've got some wonderful employees here. It has been a crazy couple of years, and I couldn't be happier with their work ethic. I'm mostly impressed by their love for others though. Each night when I'm putting my boys to bed I tell them . . . "Tomorrow, I want you to be sweet to someone that nobody else is being sweet to . . . Love others, even when it is difficult, because that's when it counts." And I see my employees do this every day. Case in point . . . our Showroom Manager Mondae. She is the one person party planning committee. If there is a birthday, we have cake and presents for whoever is having a birthday that day. She never misses it, and always make everyone feel special. Take Bob for instance. It was his birthday a few weeks ago. So, as usual, Mondae planned a little party for him at the office. The problem is that Bob has developed some issues eating dairy products. So what did Mondae do? She made a chocolate cake out of black beans and cocoa powder! And get this, the icing was blended Avocado mixed with powdered sugar. And it was good! Really good! I couldn't believe it!

So, who are you loving this week? Not just saying I love you, but really going the extra mile? Doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone, and makes somebody else feel special. I know you are all super sweet people. Let me know your stories about loving others, even when it is difficult. I'd love to hear about it! Well, by the time you get this, it will officially be Fall and it will feel like it too! Come see us. It's Fall!

Happy Gardening,

JD Boone

Song of the week!

Last week, my YouTube account recommended I should watch a video of The Monkees on the Johnny Cash Show back in 1969. I watched it (obviously), and heard a song I'd never heard before. I think this was a song they made after all their cheesy ones and their TV show. It looks like they were trying to be taken more seriously. And I loved it! Click here to listen to Nine Times Blue by the Monkees.

Tip of the week! Next week you can start planting violas and pansies in your garden. Pansies and violas are flowers that like the cooler and cold weather as opposed to the hot summer weather. When we get them in later next week, you can plant them in your yard or container and they will be beautiful until it warms up again next May!

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